Science and Math Mentors Academy L.L.C. is an online learning institution that provides training primarily, but not exclusively to college bound students preparing for Advanced Placement (AP*) ®  exams in science and mathematics. Course delivery involves the use of a learning management system (LMS), a Students Information Management system (SIMS), recorded presentations using live, interactive webinars and a student’s response system.  Recorded sessions are made available so absent students may also view sessions at their convenience.
SMM academy concentrates on the teaching of courses in the sciences and mathematics that may enable students to achieve any or all of the following;

  1. Achieve savings of up to one quarter of million dollars in the cost of the traditional US 4 year college baccalaureate (bachelor’s degree)
  2. Skipping of the freshman year for the said four year baccalaureate.
  3. Increase the chances of ingoing freshmen obtaining college grants and scholarships.
College level studies are challenging, expensive and time consuming, but careful planning and good academic preparation prior to entering usually leads to good careers at relatively low cost.

At SMM academy, our primary mission is to provide students with a good science and math foundation in preparation for college.  This idea is not new and is being practiced in many places in the world.  High school students essentially begin taking first year college courses while still in high school and obtain transferable college credits for those courses. In the US, there are several pathways available to achieve this goal.  However, probably the best way is to do this is to prepare for, and take The College Board’s ® AP exams for the various courses.  The College Board is the same institution that offers the Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT) I & II and several others.  This institution caters for the needs of several different groups of students; to this end, the GED exam is also included as the equivalent of  a high school diploma for our students who are entirely homeschooled.

There are many AP subjects available.  In career planning, students usually study courses which they expect to help in their college studies.  Often though, they choose the wrong or easy subjects and ignore the more challenging, required sciences and mathematics course options.  Our philosophy at SMM Academy is to prepare the students by developing proficiency in the base physical science and mathematics AP subjects because;
  • Physics, Chemistry and Calculus are probably the most challenging subjects in high schools. Mastery of these subjects should make the study of the other sciences easier and facilitate the earning of the adequate number of AP subjects required to skip several freshman courses in college.
  • Teaching these subjects in-tandem complements the students’ understanding of math and the physical sciences.
  • Teaching them over 2 or 3 years give students enough time to assimilate the information and also provides the opportunity to study other subjects as well.

Management Team

Administrator:       Tanika Roboostoff, M.Sc                        

Director of Studies:  Wycliffe Graham, Ph.D., MCIOB.
                                Managing Partner
Teaching Assistant; Robert Graham, B. A.
​​​​​​​                                Managing Partner