Application Requirements
Welcome to the Application and Registration Page of SMM Academy!  

While the achievement of good test scores in AP exams can be beneficial to students seeking college matriculation, it is a time consuming and challenging endeavor. Both students and Parents/Guardians should therefore plan accordingly. 

Historically,  The College Board's AP and most colleges did not normally approve of a physical science course with only virtual experiments.  However in recent times, That thinking is changing as the quality of the virtual experiments improved tremendously. At SMM Academy, we prefer hands on experiments but will allow and provide alternate virtual laboratory experiments to student's as part of the laboratory component of each science course.   However, experiments involving conditions which may seriously risk the health and safety of students and supervisor will never be assigned as hands on. 

The list below is a  guide to help in planning. Most homeschooled students may meet many of the criteria in the list, but they should be aware of the laboratory component requirements of the science courses. 

Students and their Parents/Guardians should have the following before registering for our courses: 

  1. The necessary academic background in science, mathematics, writing and communications to successfully pursue these course(s) of study.
  2.  Access to a computer with Internet access and email.
  3. Certify that the computer has a Windows, Linux or Macintosh operating system which will allows the student to fully participate in interactive web conferences.
  4. The ability to safely and properly prepare, setup and conduct science laboratory sessions if they want to do all hands on labs.  Alternatively,  find groups or make other arrangements for the student to carry out these required hands on experiments in chemistry,  physics and biology.
  5. Consulted the colleges or organizations in which the student plans to attend, to confirm that the entity accepts Advanced Placement ® test scores as equivalent credits.
 For more information please review following resources;SMM academy's online code of conductcourse fees and the official course requirements of  AP, SAT, ACT course web pages.


1. Apply using the  The Short Application Form.*

2. If there is more than one applicant in the same household we may offer a multi-student discount. Please call or email us.  Each student needs to complete a separate application

3.  Applicants who prefer the old fashioned way of completing the form in ink may print the online form, complete it in ink, scan and send as an email attachment to registration@smmsacademy.org.  If scanned as an email attachment and sent to us, we will invoice the applicant before completing the registration. 

4. Please note the dates in our "Academy Calender" link to ensure that the your applications are submitted on time.

5.  Payment in full for the certificates are due at the time of application unless students are utilizing a promotion such as the current "Promotion 19".  If you are experiencing any financial difficulties in making your payments, please call or email us info@smmsacademy.org.

*By completing the application and registration process SMM Academy assumes that you have read the application and registration requirements and that you are qualified and equipped to participate in the study of one or more AP or Pre-AP subjects.