Science and Math Mentors Academy L.L.C. offers courses at the high school and advanced high school levels.  These include, but are not limited to chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, statistics, SAT*and ACT**.  Our ultimate goal is to prepare our students to successfully complete the  four year baccalaureate in 3 - 4 years  instead of extending the duration to 5 -6 years.

The Mode of Delivery. 
E-learning, using open-source learning management systems (LMS) and student Information management systems (SIMS).

  • Students will watch live, interactive webinars which will include student response systems/(clickers).  Each of these webinars will be recorded for later viewing and participants' attendance recorded.

  • All AP Classes will convene at least twice a week with each class lasting an hour.

  • Students will carry out their discovery assignments (laboratory and projects) either at home, in their district school labs or in their approved designated community laboratory space. They will also have the option to do either virtual or hands-on labs.

  • To reduce copying, the original recorded data will be presented along with each the lab report.

  • All minor students must sign-up with a responsible adult who will have the responsibility of supervising, maintaining safety and verifying that the student's academic work according to the school’s policies.

  • Several assignments and evaluations will be given online throughout each course but the ultimate measure of a students' proficiency in the course will be their score in the official standardized test  (such as AP, ACT, and SAT).

  • Tutorial classes will be held online. In addition, students will have access to many learning resources whether through links to other websites or within the school or its partners’ learning databases.

  • Students who do not take the standardized test at the end of the course will only receive a participation certificate. Some AP courses such as chemistry may be taught over two years. In such case cases students with no prior qualifications in the subject will be asked and given the the opportunity to take the Pre-AP course.