Employment Overview
SMM academy is always looking for qualified teaching and support staff to be part of its pool of available staff.   When demand permits, we  look for qualified and experienced AP teachers of Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Biology and Statistics and SAT/ACT teachers to fill part-time, hourly paid positions.  The need, of course, will depend on student registration.  For the academic year (Sept - May) we  concentrate on  online, interactive, teaching during the evenings and these positions may particularly interest teachers who are currently teaching the subject in a public school or college but want to earn additional income from teaching some evenings after their regular school hours.  Some students may also prefer Saturday classes and this may also interest this category of teachers

This institution is also promoting its education services to homeschooled students at the high school level and to public/chartered schools obtain contracts to teach some of their AP courses.  Some of these students will be required to, or prefer to take their classes during the day.  Teaching positions would be available for recently retired, unemployed or even some teachers who have resigned in order to stay home. 

This kind of teaching offers some amount of flexibility to the teacher.  In general, the teacher has flexibility to present from a location having a broad band internet service (DSL and Cable) via wired or Wi-Fi connection.  The integration of our Web Conferencing software with open source Instructure canvas Learning Management System provides a system where practically all of the work can be done electronically.  We will provide training for the use of these systems, but candidates will have to come with general computer literacy.

To be processed for availability, interested persons can apply via email to troboostoff@smmsacademy.org  Please include a cover letter, resume and the contact information of two references.

There are currently No Vacancies at this time